Monday, 5 May 2014

Making a Difference

These months are full of things happening all around India and a lot of thing happening  in everyone's life well let us start with what all people have been up-to and what is happening around.Its election months and everyone is talking about them, everyone's busy doing what they do and every child is counting back the days till summer holidays, some people are waiting for results of exams. Well in all this happening  there's something missing and the answer is simple the missing ingredient is people forgotten to take out time for themselves. Well it sounds a little overrated or something like that but it is true.. In these days of tense and hot summer we have been spending time in almost all the things which we like and we have been doing what we like to do. I remember there were happy times when I use to wait for the summer vacations but the times have changed and people don't do that anymore I mean they wait for vacations all right but they don't wait for them like old times. As times change and there are changes in us and our personality or behavior we forget our true selves or we could say we pretend to be someone else. I remember a famous quote by the famous Marilyn Manson :-

“I never said to be like me, I say be yourself and make a difference.” 
-Marilyn Manson

Well might as well say it's very true because it's happening all around the world. These days people try to be someone else and they think they can go on but it affects your personality in the long run as you are not you and pretending someone else. Some people say that pretending to be someone else also helps us to understand or you can say help us to find out personality but according to me it is plain wrong to impose someone else personality on ourselves. Everyone wants to be rich and famous like others but people don't really want to be a example for others. Changing world and making difference with one's own personality is the best thing one can do. By changing world I do not mean like giving all your things away in charity but being to make a difference in and around you. To this thought I remember a quote I glanced once at a bus stop news paper stand :-

“The purpose of life is to contribute in some way to making things better.” 
-Robert F. Kennedy

This is a really remarkable quote by a remarkable man. But seriously changing world in ways to make things better for people around you could be a start to help make things better and changing the world. And one days these small changes can lead to a big change you never know just like a small seed which one day may grow into huge big tree. So my advice start making change and you will feel changed.. Moreover by this you will find yourself to be significant in this big vast universe.. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Back on Blog

Its been a while I have written here. Well more than while you can say. But I had my reasons. So let the past be past and let us start this with a new front. Been busy?? I have a lot for the past I guess 7-8 months I have lost track of time. One question will be why did you start your blog again. Well the answer is simple because I missed writing here well it is not that king of a big blog with a million hits and stuff but it really took my mind about things and I missed that and more and more theories I had which I really missed sharing with you all.. The experiences the happiness I got when I wake up and saw my demographic a bit high from yesterday yeah I missed that a lot.. Well this blogs about sharing "stuff" isn't it and the reason I started this blog was to really get this stuff off my mind and for so much time it's just lying there occupying space in my mind and reducing my In computer world "efficiency" I guess. So It's been a while and I haven't done a blog post so old readers please stay tuned and wait for more and new users might as well go through old post till the new ones are posted and old reader might as well go through the old posts and think about what all happened that day the day you read that post for the first time it might be a good exercise to get mind off things...
Till next post...
Stay awesome Handsome and Beautiful strangers...

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Looking up to something?

What is that you look up to to cheer yourself up when you are down? Normal people have something called emotions everyone else without them is an alien. So these what you call "Emotions" have variety just like fruits/vegetables or music. They happen when action is there and for the reaction there's a pop-up in the head to which our body react to from our past experience if we don't have any past experience of it we stay in a confused state till we get to some appropriate response. So these "emotions" are something that really keep on happening in our mind as per situation. Sometimes NORMAL PEOPLE feel bored, excited, happy, sad etc etc, so they do things to cope up with the emotion. For example some when sad likes to eat. But there is one thing common in every "negative emotions" (sad, unhappy etc) the common thing is that, these type of emotions pass away quickly if we look up-to something.This something is a source of motivation which many people have like: Parents, Cartoon characters, Musicians etc.
 For example someone when sad have can't concentrate on things he usually is great in but then he thinks about that source of motivation for example some musician he gets better and gets on with his/her life. It's not like some instantaneous transformation but it happens and the person  gets on with his life. Plus that emotion passes away with a memory in the persons mind and how he/she should not repeat what he/she did to get back into that type of emotion. Emotions really play a very important part in your life. You don't realize even if you think you are emotionless you still have in yourself unless you are some "Cold Blooded Psychopath"  who I think sometimes also have emotions or an infant who doesn't have so much experience to deal with different kind of emotion. So it you look up to the top(literally) to the cartoon I have posted I think you'll get some message or else just enjoy it. Enjoyed the post comment below or on Facebook, twitter, Google +. You can also email me see my contact details click here.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The curios case of the society

So it's been hmm.. Ok I guess, So This topic was pending for too long and really wanted to have it all out and couldn't just let it be pending anymore. So let me start by saying this Indian society is really a nightmare. Sometime worse than that, and believe me it's true. People don't really care or they don't mind their own business and really are interested in other person's. Point 1. Well society's really friendly and all but seriously sometimes people mind your own business and stop being an expert on everything. Ah yes here comes the next point, Point 2. People I mean each and every person is a freaking expert on each and everything even though they are idiots. Yes I really mean that because it's the truth. Well back to the first point they don't mind their business and it's a really irritating thing. Much more irritating than government spying on us using internet. I feel it's more secure than the neighbours in India, because at-least they don't give some freakishly expert advice on each and every thing (second point), or because they don't disturb us and mind their own business. So let's back to building up the points point 3 they don't get changes or you can say they don't accept them and I mean it. It's really like a scientific convention which was set-up a long time ago and it requires a long process and time which is really rigid and can't change that easily. Let me give you an example, let me think ok here's a good one; Boy's are by default are raised up to become engineer's well let me narrow it down to the first step of it Taking up Science in class 11th even though they can't do it. But it's India and here's the "Follow the herd thing" which is seriously not good. And the fun part of it is that they even become engineer's from some collage and don't use their engineering degree's and do something far far far distinct that would some person with engineering degree do in other countries i.e. Use it. People seriously don't want to accept the new notions here's new eg:- The four year courses in Delhi University. I mean when system you think is getting better they would go on to protest it. Or let's take up the reservations this thing called "Quota" is seriously like the gold mine for people. Well Let me tell you about it first it's like an upliftment thingy for the backward people who are like not well known or small minorities which I think is seriously a joke. I am not saying it should not be there but it should be there for people who need it. And here's a serious question if it is there since so many years Why the hell's India's literacy rate still so goddamn low? Srilanka our neighbour's have much higher literacy late and they are like small island. Read about it here. The answer is simple it's another really big non-useful policy. Back to Point's Point 4. Population, India's geographically hot being so near the equator and added to that thank you to so many people It's same as hell here. So many people you can't even imagine if you are not from China. I kid the Chinese  I seriously respect them for being great producers unlike us. We can't even have an original idea which takes me to Point 5. Society killed the Creativity. It's like a long lost word in a very old book. It's like no one really cares to take up new ideas or concepts rather take up old ideas and keep on with them which leads us back to point 3 require long time to adapt. But Seriously it's a vicious circle and people don't really realise it. So here's a recap of points taken up:-
Point #1: People don't mind their own business.
Point #2: People are expert's on each and everything.
Point #3: The society doesn't accept changes.
Point #4: Stupid Population and lower than hell literacy rate.
Point #5: Lack of creativity.

Well there are many more points but they just leads us back to these all points. I don't want to be offencive or anything like that but seriously society is a little bad world here. People say try to change yourself before you change anyone else I think whoever said this never visited this face of India. It's really not in context of Indian society. And till now I must say I will become like a bad person in the face of society. Whooo big fuzz!! Seriously I don't care. So getting back to the post. Hope you liked it. Any comments post below or on Facebook, Google plus. Follow me on twitter or write me a mail link's in the contact tab on the top. Hope you enjoyed the post. Stay tuned for more..

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Wondering, Thinking, Creating, Making, Believing are some random words which are really not meaningful if not used in a sentence just like other words. But there's a Word that binds them that connects them it is "IDEA". We think a lot every human thinks a lot it's just that sometimes we realise and sometimes we don't. Our brain is a very complex organ inside our body it's greatest "core" ever created as said by computer people. It's the multitasking most durable delicate and a wonderful organ which we have now developed a little with the help of what is called evolution... "IDEAS" are a simple thinking process that make's us do things which can be creative or destructive. We wonder about Ideas, we keep on wondering how is that thing made how what is the key concept after that things or in a nutshell what is the main "IDEA" about that thing. This concept of idea prevails for about as long as there are humans roaming on this earth. There's been thinking all this time. In the early age when the human were not evolved the thinking process was mostly about wondering. Wondering how the seeds grew from the soil. Wondering why birds can fly and they cannot. After this the human started to question things and started thinking.As the human Evolved the ideas of wondering and thinking left him but not fully because the human mind is as big a universe. So after evolution the humans wondered, they think and started creating. They started with houses, tools which he could use etc etc.. It was like a layout but still not the finale. Then he kept wondering and created many ideas. These ideas built into reality and with these ideas came concepts and in doing so the human evolved simultaneously.  Doing so he created built destroyed there was success sometimes there was failure. Human Learned from that failure and kept his hopes high because he believed and kept on the track of wondering, thinking, creating. This trail of following the ideas never ends. Just like fashion never ends it sometimes repeats itself but never ends. This trail of idea similarly never ends. Learn more about "IDEA" click here . Have something to say about the post or the blog? Comment below, or on facebook, twitter or google plus... Follow me on twitter link to my profile's on the right side bar....